What's the Experience Like? 

What's the experience like when you book a dog photography session with StinkDog Photos? Booking a professional pet photography session can sound a little nerve-wracking. But I'm here to make the process easy on you so you and your dog both enjoy the experience. StinkDog Photos is a full-service dog photography studio in Sykesville, Maryland. I'll walk you through each of the steps so you never feel anxious wondering what's going to happen next. 

Booking Your Dog's Photo Session:

Once you've decided to book your session with StinkDog Photos. Contact me to get available dates. Sessions are scheduled an hour or two before sunset so we get the most beautiful light for your session. Once we've decided on a date I'll send you a few forms to fill out online, a questionnaire designed for me to get to know you and your dog, a model release, and an invoice for you to pay your session fee. 

Finding The Perfect Location for your dog's portrait session:

Some people have a pretty good idea where they would like their dog photography session to take place, a favorite park or trail, their home or at the beach. Don't worry if you haven't figured that out yet. I've created a gorgeous location guide for you so you can see what makes for a great location for your dog's photography session. It gives tips based on everything from your dog's comfort level with meeting new people and other dogs, their size and physical ability, and what type of portraits to expect in that location. Still, need help deciding? Don't worry, I've got you covered. I can suggest the perfect spot if you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the amazing places in Maryland and on the eastern shore.

Prep for the Session:

Once we've determined the location I'll send a session guide. It has tips for getting you and your dog ready for your portrait session. Wondering what to wear, what gear to bring, or when to get your dog groomed? I've answered all your questions in this great little guide so you can be prepared and have a great time at the session.

Your Dog's Portrait Session:

Yay! We've done a lot of prep work so you'll have the perfect stress-free portrait session. Depending on your dog's needs and abilities we usually start off the session with a few running, and action photos to get your dog excited and ready for fun. Once we've taken the action shots of your dog we'll work on the posed shots. It's a great way to get a variety of photos so that you have the most to choose from. Your dog is going to love all the positive attention, yummy snacks, and fun playtime during the session and you'll have a great time too watching me work with your dog. After the session, your dog is gonna need a nap, modeling is ruff. 

Image Premier and Print Order SESSION:

Once the portrait session is over we'll schedule a time for you to come to my studio to place your product order. A lot of people LOVE this part of the process. We'll have a great time going over the images of your furry best friend, choosing your favorites, and finalizing your print order. It can be hard deciding how to display your images, so guess what? Yep, I've got a design guide too! I can help you figure out how to display all your favorite images or one of your absolute favorites with software designed to help you see what your favorite images will look like on the wall. Don't worry, I offer a variety of products to go with the decor of your home or office and for those "do it yourselfers," we do sell digitals images as well. 

How much can you expect to spend? Most people spend about $500 on wall art or an album. 

Once your order is complete, I'll move your portraits into final production to create custom artwork of your furry best friend.  Each time you look at your dog's photos you'll remember what a great experience you had and all the fun, quirky things you love about your dog. 

Show off your products:

You'll love your products so much it's going to be hard not to show everyone. But that's ok because truly everyone wants to see photos of your dog. Especially when they are stinkin' cute photos. Oh, and don't be surprised if your friends are jealous when they see your gorgeous photos.

Now that you know the process, go ahead and check out our prices for pet photography sessions and products.

Need more info? Contact me now for a copy of StinkDog Photos inquiry guide or to schedule a complimentary pre-consult to see the products in person. 

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