Maybe you're still wondering if a professional pet photography session is for you. Here are some frequently asked questions that I've received. 

My dog is very sick, can I have priority booking?

Absolutely. I completely understand how upsetting it is to find out you have a limited about of time with your dog. I will do everything I can to book your dog's portrait session within 48 hours if needed. 

I can't take my dog off-leash. Is that ok?

Absolutely, in most cases, I can edit out the leashes in photoshop.

My dog is shy, reactive, or untrained does that matter?

I have been a professional dog photographer for almost a decade. I've photographed thousands of dogs with different levels of training and different types of personalities. I can provide you with images you love of your pet. Some sessions may take a little longer but I have the training and patience to make the most of every dog photo session.

My dog has a recent shave spot from surgery. Should I reschedule?
I understand you want your dog to look their best in their dog photos. I can usually fix small blemishes and shave spots in post-production. I can also pose and photograph your dog so that the shaved spots aren't front and center in their portraits. If however your dog has a loss of energy or isn't feeling well then we can reschedule.

Do you photograph families with their dogs?

Of course, I photograph humans with their best furry friends. Part of your dog's story is you! I can pose you in natural ways so that you look your best and show off the special bond you have with your dog. I find my clients truly enjoy these images from their portrait sessions.

I have more than one dog do you charge extra for the Session Fee?

No! Good grief who thought of that anyway? Pet's are family. I would not charge you extra because you have more than one dog just as I wouldn't charge extra because you have more than one child. 

Is there a minimum Print Order?

No, I do not have a minimum print order because I want you to purchase the products you love. You can view my pricing for pet portrait sessions online. 

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes, I accept all major credit cards. 

DO YOU Have Payment Plans? 

Yes, I do have no interest payment plans for your dog portraits. They are normally divided up into three payments, spaced two weeks apart. Your print order with be printed once the last payment is made. 

Do you photograph cats?

Yes, once in a while I do photograph cats. Typically they are cats that have big personalities and are excited to meet new people.

Do you have any other questions about professional pet photography sessions? Contact me now for a copy of StinkDog Photos pet photography inquiry guide or schedule a complimentary pre-consult so you can see the products in person, and feel free to bring your dog for final approval. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Portrait Sessions

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