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7 Reasons Your Dog Wants US to take their photos!

You can spend more time with them - I have a great deal of experience creating gorgeous wall art, book art, and other beautiful, creative photo products to show off your FBF (Furry Best Friend). Don't spend dog years in front of your computer trying to DIY how to display your photos, let me help you so you can spend your time having fun with your dog. It's what you both want.

Check out my portfolio. Colorful dog portraits taken all around the world.

If your dog could take a selfie picture of a dog face

What's the old adage, " if my dog loves you, I do too." What if your dog could tell you what pet photographer they want to take their photo? I'm positive it would be StinkDog Photos and this is why:​

Dog looking up at pet photographer near me
Greater Swiss Mountain dog squishes the tennis ball
Reggie the dog in long grass at a park in Boulder

Your dog can pee anywhere - Why drag your dog to a studio when they want to take a walk, hike, run or swim? Maryland is absolutely beautiful! I believe natural locations make the best backgrounds and your dog will be comfortable and relaxed outside where they can explore and sniff to their heart's content. Whether it's in a park, on a trail, maybe even the beach, your dog will feel like they are on an adventure and you won't have to worry when they pee on things, and there will be pee. 

You'll remember them forever - Your dog is your best friend, your family, the furry soul that gets you. They spend their life loving you unconditionally and you'll remember that feeling forever. Remember the tiniest of details with beautiful portraits. Honor your dog with a portrait session. Your dog is worth remembering!

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Woof, woof, woof. ~ Greta

Translation ~ Portrait Sessions are Fun. Throw the ball again after I squish it!

Your dog Loves to show off - Your dog is fun, a bit goofy and has a great personality. We both love your dog for that very reason. I use a variety of playful exercises during their portrait session to get your dog's most authentic expressions. The great part is that it makes the sessions fun for you and your dog!

Sit, Stay, Huh? - They don't need no training. Well, ok, they do, but not for a portrait session. I don't expect your dog to sit still in an artist's studio. I expect your dog to get up and move around. I have the ultimate patience with dogs. Don't worry if they squish and squirm I can capture them at their best. 

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We Take Stinkin' cute Photos

Drool and cookie crumbs happen - Your dog will still look their best. I know how to digitally enhance photos to remove drool (unless it makes them look charming), cookie crumbs, eye boogies, dander, color casts on black and white fur, I can even replace a bit of fur if they have a temporary bald spot from a recent surgery, I can even hide "lipstick" ewww. I'm not bragging, it's just the stuff that will help your dog look their best in their portraits.

They won't get lost - Most of the dogs I photograph are on leashes. I believe safety is first and I have a great deal of experience removing leashes from portraits so that your dog looks like they are running free even when they are safe walking and running next to you! Plus you won't get a ticket  for having your dog off-leash.