StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt
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StinkDog Photos by Deanna Hurt is a Denver, Colorado pet photographer. We take stinking cute photos of your pet and capture their adorable personality.

When I was a teenager my father gave me a camera and I used to spend my allowance on film and film development. I recently found my photo album and I took just as many photos of my pets and my friends pets as I took of my friends. At some point I got distracted and started taking photos of local bands and then for a while I stopped taking photos altogether. I moved on to other hobbies and passions, soccer, snowboarding, hiking, jewelry making but I still had a love of photography so I bought a new camera and had to teach myself how to use it again. I practiced on my dog, Cleo. I practiced so much that when I would get the camera out he would sigh so I had to learn how to make it fun for him. It worked and I found that I loved taking photos of him and now he loved it too. My new hobby progressed to volunteering at a local shelter taking photos of the adoptable pets for their websites. People seemed to really like the photos and after a while they asked me to take photos of their pets and so it began, taking pet photos for a living.

Why StinkDog? StinkDog Photos is named after my beautiful dog Cleo. He was so cute that when people saw him they would say "He's so stinking cute!" I couldn't have agreed more and we called him Stinking Cute Dog as kind of a nickname and over months  and years it changed and then changed again to StinkDog. StinkDog Photos just seemed like the perfect name and it gave us a great tag line too "Stinking Cute Photos."

Now, Boo Radley is my partner. I adopted him in 2012 and we couldn't be happier. He's a sweet boy who loves to learn new things. We love to hang out together, there are never enough walks, snacks, and naps for either of us and we both have a great time during our weekly session for the 52 Week Project which you can see on our blog.

If you would like to have stinking cute photos of your pet, please contact us at for more information.